It’s not often that the creator of something is wrong about his own creation. Read more

...died on Saturday in a tragic accident. Read more

76 players are extremely good at playing the victim.
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If I see a bunch of people hammering nails through their dicks I don’t need to join in to know it’s not for me.   Read more

Gaggles of inconsiderate cheaters running around in ugly moss and vine covered armor amidst constant game crashes. Sounds like a terrible way to spend an evening of gaming. As happy as ever that I didn’t buy in. Read more

Hey Dixon? You bojo! Hoverboards don’t work on walkers! Unless you’ve got POWER!!!”
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Fucking seriously. Hateful article begets hateful comments. It’s shameful. Read more

How about we treat people as human and forget about race? If you are inviting a friend over to eat, they should already close enough to not be your black or your white friend. These type of articles are a net negative on race relationships, hope you are proud. Read more

Wow the prejudice is strong in you today, you REALLY REALLY don’t like white people, we get it. Read more

You’re right, we don’t know if Matt donated or not. But this shaming trend is bullshit. I don’t know about you but I can acknowledge the guy and his liabilities and still praise him for his donation.  Read more

I wonder how much Gizmodo and/or Matt Novak donated. I bet it’s $0.  The high horses around the G/O Media sites are looking pretty damn high lately, aren’t they?
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Right? Shame on him for not giving all of his money! Insert eye roll here.
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The average American household hasn’t donated $33 to help develop a coronavirus vaccine. I’d guess most haven’t donated at all. I haven’t. Have you? Read more

I do wonder sometimes if Bloomberg is spending all that money on ads MOSTLY just to annoy 45, and not because he’s 100% dedicated to winning the election. Especially since he runs them during Fox & Friends. I’m ok with him continuing to pretend he has a chance this year if it gives our Cheeto in Chief the stress shits Read more

Walgreens was a bit of a savior for me in my 20s when I was getting sick a lot, because there was a great 24-hour pharmacy right on my commute route. It was nice being able to go to a doc-in-the-box at 2 pm before work and pick up medicine at 4 am on the way home. But that was years ago and in a different city. The Read more

Last time I went to Walgreens it was a nightmare. I waited forever to pick up one prescription, where of course my prescription magically wasn’t covered by my insurance but then it was! Then a bunch of people started coming in and trying to pick stuff up in the drive thru. The pharmacist just started to scream at Read more

If anyone tells me they are, or are not, “holding space for me right now” I will punch them in the face. Read more

I have seen more meltdowns in the pharmacy line at Walgreens then any other place. Read more

I recently switched from Walgreens to Fry’s (Kroger out west) and it has been wonderful.  No lines, they actually get my scripts right, and I have had zero issues with my insurance.  Walgreens can suck it. Read more