Dec 12 2016

You shut your mouth! No really, can we keep these a secret so I can procure for reasonable money?

Dec 12 2016

Shhhh.... You’re not supposed to tell people about the MK3s until AFTER I get one

Oct 12 2016

If the insurance company didn’t pay out, then there was no need to total the car, thus his lambo wouldn’t have a salvage title, IF, the laws are the same in the UK as in the US regarding such things. You can kill a claim and not have it on the record after the fact. If the insurance company does pay out, and takes Read more

Oct 5 2016

Thats the shitty thing ‘bout most Road Rage videos. Either the people recording start AFTER the incident began, or its uploaded by the “victim” and edited to show how he/she “did nuttin’ wrong”.

Sep 29 2016

Just figured out how to make infinite energy and end world hunger... wait, is that legal?

Sep 29 2016

I’m just not sure how to make you understand how pointless, depressing and pathetic it is for this to be a thing to worry about.

Sep 26 2016

Official That Guy™ Comment.

Sep 26 2016

So this means it’s not like he’s stuck in second gear anymore

Sep 23 2016

What if we’ve been looking at the FT86 replacement, but the hatchback in camo at the end is actually the Supra?

Sep 21 2016

If you’d ever tried “outsourcing everything” and getting something well-made in return, you’d know it’s not that easy.