Race Dayz

Finally found extras of these after picking up the whole series on cards abotu a week ago. God, these are immaculate. And heavy, even for metal on metal. THis is first time I’v bought multiple extras from a car culture series to let loose, so that should say alot about how good this series was.

A good day

SO I went to Wal-Mart and saw they had new Mystery packs. The golden one being the Arkham Batmobile no less. Sweet, love that game. Get myself ready for a good 10 minutes of digging around looking for the Batmobile, and it’s like the 3rd pack I pick up. And they even fixed the headlight tampos, too.


Bone Speeder?

So I love the Bone Shaker and have been trying to get my hands on it’s two Cousins. I have the Baha Shaker, the the Bone Speeder is gone. Anyone have one around here? I prefer the Team HW colors but I’ll take either one. I’d be happy to work a HWEP or just straight up buy it.