Yes, and I was further irritated that Drew was not irritated by it. Read more

A field goal from the 35 yard line is a 52 yard field goal, not a 45 yarder. Read more

If you saw that game you'd know that any bias clearly wasn't against Washington. Read more

I made a joke yesterday on the rape article that was just awful. I realized my folly two minutes after posting, but when I went back to edit it down to nothing it was already gone. I've been in the grey ever since. Read more

Wait, this guy murdered the And1 Mixtape announcer? Read more

Fucking "DRUG ATTIC" killed me. Well done. Read more

I'm your standard dickhead Philly 4 for 4 sports fan, but I don't see how this is hating on the Eagles or Philadelphia. Read more

Oh, but Justin Whitemon can do all the blow he wants and Billick calls him a "spark plug." Read more

Guide To Rooting For Philadelphia Teams, Who Are Traditionally Bad: Read more

And Quentin Tarantino is a car thief/murderer. Read more

Apparently the artist was absent on "drawing white sunglasses" day at the senior center art program. Read more

So maybe the guy just doesn't like the wired feeling he gets from regular coffee. If it's not interfering with his duties as a ref, we probably shouldn't be losing our heads over it. Read more

I believe that is referred to as his "Vinegar Strokes." Read more

I'd prefer two shots at Seth Curry. Read more