I couldn’t help myself. :) Read more

Yes, unfortunately. My dad looks a lot younger than he is (he could pass for mid-late 40s and he’s in his early 60s). Read more

Came here for this comment. I still can’t accept what happened in Children of Earth. :( Read more

I hear you. I tried reading the first...and even a 3 hour flight with no movies could get me more than 1/4 of the way through. Read more

Excuse me: sparkle. Sparks just don’t do it. They just don’t...dazzle me. Read more

That may be one of the grossest things I’ve read. :( Read more

I can’t believe you wrote what you did about Jian Ghomseshi. Buyer’s remorse?! Are you kidding me with this shit?! Read more

Man I have such weird memories of that song. For the longest time I thought the line in the chorus was “I’m blue if I was green I would die”. Read more

This. I didn’t realize when I read them that every sex scene involving the bronze and gold dragonriders was a rape scene. F’Lar and Lessa(?) are a particularly heinous example of this. Read more

My issue with Dan Brown is that he builds up the mystery to the point that you think something interesting is going to happen at the climax of the story...and then the end makes watching paint dry a fascinating activity. It makes his books impossible to reread. Read more

Well there are two questions I’m seeing here: Read more

Normally I’d agree, and I think he gets slightly better as the show progresses, but he’s pretty much an ass for the majority of the first few episodes and doesn’t demonstrate any sort of redeeming features (at least not for me). I found it really difficult to get into the show, because he was so unlikable, and I got Read more

I’m really disliking Matt Murdock. :/ Read more

I have sometimes had previously flirtatious men lose interest fast when they realize what I do for a living (I am a lawyer who works in an international field). This has included men refusing to tell me what they do for a living because it “isn’t impressive”. The infuriating thing is that, when I’ve talked about these Read more

I think the answer may be that the author couldn't write two more books about the threat she represents. Read more