Today 3:04AM

Lol come on, Texas’ grid is professionally managed infrastructure, it’s not going down just like that.

6/09/21 5:32AM

Sure. Some malcontent decided to have his 6 seconds of fame and slap the President. Because he was white and also this isn’t America, he was not immediately riddled with bullets. Le Pen is taking the side of law and order because a) that’s her shtick (along with, you know, fascism), b) the malcontent was apparently a Read more

6/08/21 4:42AM

I mean it was enjoyable enough at the end of a day of work, but the main plot was like Generic YA Novel #342. I sort of dozed off during the Alina/Mal/Darkling parts because I’ve seen this story a billion times by now, but I really enjoyed the parts with the band of thieves. I’m reading something about Six of Crows in Read more

6/08/21 4:21AM

They aren’t zombies who could have been dead for a while in various states of decay and seem to have no feeling of touch or any instinct besides eating. Read more

6/02/21 5:29AM

Getting your brain knocked out of your ears playing football is part of sports too. Doesn’t mean it’s right.

5/26/21 1:06PM

Gonna be honest, I was one of the guys expecting a lily white Death, who’s always been one of my favourite characters in the comics. I’m not about to send hateful mail to Ms. Howell-Baptiste, of course. In the end, I’d say the defining trait of the character is her empathy, compassion and cheeriness (in a non-macabre Read more

5/26/21 10:22AM

I think some of it is that many jokes are funny because its universally ‘known’ that the thing you’re joking about is untrue, especially in darker shades of humor. When suddenly it is revealed that the thing everyone assumed was untrue was, in fact, true... ouch.

5/25/21 4:01PM

> Why can’t we have all the power, authority and resources of the public peacekeeping force (such as it is)?
Read more

5/25/21 3:59PM

Holy crap everything in this article is just a big ol’ pile of NOPE.

5/25/21 3:57PM

Unpopular opinion: Tokyo Drift is my favourite FF. Don’t @ me.

5/25/21 3:43AM

> but by not explaining how Zeus and the Queen came to be a couple and what their plan for their apparently “alive” child was, the movie makes its zombies’ interior lives that much more interesting. Read more

5/24/21 4:14AM

I actually haven’t finished the movie yet, but it takes a bad turn long before zombie baby. I had hopes for some good entertainment, but this falls squarely in the awkward space between “serious zombie flick” and “fun comedy set in a zombie apocalypse”.

5/19/21 12:33PM

I mean, the PLC has not met since its suspension in 2007. The last election was in 2006 so I’m not sure it reflects the current political spectrum of Palestinians. In fact, elections were supposed to be held this year then were postponed, but polls gave a fairly comfortable lead to Fatah (though I think we all take Read more

5/19/21 8:41AM

This isn’t on Venmo, or on its parent company Paypal. Paypal is an American payment processor and therefore subject to a bunch of fun US rules such as this one here: Read more

5/19/21 8:25AM

Honestly I don’t trust a single number out of India. Leaving aside caste issues - do you really think anyone is seriously keeping track of what’s going on with the untouchables? Also did you know there’s about 200 million of them? - the country is too big, disparate, populated, and occasionally remote for any kind of Read more

5/19/21 8:22AM

both governments maintain their power by actively endorsing and maintaining the constant cycle of hate and violence Read more

5/19/21 8:17AM

Well yeah, but I mean most of these events and publications whose audience are women are still controlled by men. Perhaps less so today, and that’s good, but certainly in the 80s and 90s where Anna Wintour seemed like a notable exception. Read more

5/18/21 4:07PM

I’m SO glad to see someone else sees the BLM analogy. It’s exactly the same bad faith deflection strategy. Hamas is in Gaza. They fire rockets from Gaza. They can’t get a foothold in the West Bank because the Fatah - the Palestinian faction that actually represents the Palestinian Authority - hunts them down anytime Read more

5/18/21 3:59PM

Can’t fault your logic there!