Apr 24 2018

My marital chip story: My wife calls Tostitos “toss tee toes.” I hate it and every time I eat one I have to hear Musburger in my head saying, “This is for all the toss tee toes.”

Mar 2 2018

J.R. didn’t help matters when, after being suspended, he was seen in the locker room stewin’.

Apr 7 2017

Meanwhile, Coastal Carolina cheerleaders were inspired by the Washington Post and began relying on Deep Throats.

Jan 3 2017

The Ryan twins are also sort of taking their cues from HHH, by playing games of Hungry Hungry Hippos against each other using actual meatballs.

Nov 28 2016

South Carolina’s role in riling up Clemson players before the damn game even started should not be ignored in all of this. Everyone knows that when you get Clemson players all fired up pre-game, things are gonna go quickly down the hill from there.

Feb 9 2016

I’ve never really thought much about it, but maybe that running style explains why he’s such a mystery and fun to read about. Since he won’t ever stop moving, there’s always something to unpack.

Jan 19 2016

I figured your outrage would have focused on the audacity he has to pin this all on a Bear.

Jan 5 2016

Nantz gets one rep while Peyton gets two? I would have thought Peyton could get way more reps than that since dude’s on HGH

Oct 29 2015

I recall there being an ad in a mag I subscribed to when I was young—probably EGM—where they inserted a wall of text around the ad itself. Buried within it was something like, “If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, write to [so and so] and get a free copy! First 100 people get it.” I think my buddy saw it way Read more

Oct 13 2015

Hannah deleted the tweets because she believes the relationship is capable of being saved, primarily because Klay is quite amenable to molding.

Sep 29 2015

I hate to be all conspiracy theoryier here but given his approval of violence to solve problems do you think this is the same Judge who let Adrian Peterson off easy/?