Apr 14 2014

I'm sorry, I know this is going to be controversial, but people really need to be evaluated before they can have children. It's not a right, it's not a privilege, its a fucking duty and responsibility, and if you can't show that you've got the mental or emotional ability to do it, you shouldn't be allowed.

Apr 12 2014

VITA and PS4 too!! Sold!! Specially on the vita version!

Apr 10 2014

I like that .. a lot. Last year I was in Paris (somehow a futuristic version, Remember me), in a copy of LA (Los Santos, GTAV), in a devastated Boston (TLOU). This year I have visited the Caraibes (AC4) and recently get the control of the entire Seattle (Second Son) ... Read more

Apr 9 2014

I personally won't go for it. Slight improvements to textures, 1080p and anti aliasing isn't enough for me to pay full price for the game again. I played the hell out of it last year, don't need to buy it all over again. If you do that is your prerogative and I won't judge you for it. Just seems overpriced for what is Read more

Apr 8 2014

Should have called it "For Fun" and "For Assholes Who Want To Turn A Fun Gathering Into A Competition"

Apr 6 2014

Cool...yeah, Winter Soldier is getting pretty good reviews. I look forward to seeing it when it hits BluRay. Read more

Apr 3 2014

Hmmm....looks like Action 52: The Our Games Actually Work Edition.

Apr 1 2014

It should have been called " how I settled for your mother so I could have the kids I wanted and then went back to the real love of my life once she died" Horrible ending.