Ramblin Rover - The Vivisector of Solihull
Jan 6 2016

Make sure you use a pitman arm puller! I tried to remove one using a gear puller, and when the bolts sheared we had a nice trip to the hospital... Then we rented a pitman arm puller on the way home from the ER and had it off in minutes!

Dec 28 2015

That’s one of my floor joists. Yay! That would explain the drastic dip in my dining room. Time for some sistering.

Dec 4 2015

I know you’re hatin’ but he’s gotta have at least a 7.5 star visual rating.

Oct 12 2015

Whenever I try to explain RR’s project to anyone, I’m met with a slightly tilted head and blank stares. This is absolutely what happens when you have a Fe2O3 Ranchero, a Rinspeed Squba perversion, and far too much time on your hands.