I know a guy who works at the place cars are offloaded from Europe here in Halifax. It’s called Autoport, and cars sent from Europe are taken off the ship, then loaded on trains to be shipped all of north America, and even back onto ships in the few west to go further. Read more

Hey David, you friendly Canadian jeep mechanic here. Was reading your comments on the motor, specifically the fire shooting carb and engine not running Read more

Came to see iroc Daytonas being represented, and no, so posting one to even out car God’s favor Read more

Private Jeep mechanic here. This is my personal daily driver of choice, and what I recommend to anyone looking for a family or adventure friendly rig. 1999-2004Grand Cherokee. Stay away from the v8 and get one with the bulletproof 4.0l (the greatest engine ever made). Tough rigs, tons of room, ride great, parts are

I work on jeeps all day long at a jeep shop in nova Scotia. You are lucky the frame is good, and I’ve rebuilt way worse floors and body panels on similar vintage fsjs and cjs. Don’t give up on the Carter so quick, the idle problem is the idle tubes. Take top of carb, clean them with a pics of. 020 welding wire, and Read more

...consistently the best comic on this page every week. Read more

Needs pictures and specs for full awesomeness

I know I'm supposed to hate this... but I don't. Damn thing is just really cool. Would look awesome with some larger diameter rims in a similar design and color, loweed a bit more, and smoothed off of the gee-gaws and chrome crap.

...had the Dixie horn tune pop in my head as soon as I saw the truck go flying Read more

If memory serves, at the time the hype machine was in full bore for the movie, Edmunds did a feature on the cars. This car is indeed for use in the dunes and off road scenes for Fast 4 when they are running the drugs back to America thru the tunnel from Mexico. Read more

A freind of mine bought a 2009 Ram Cummins 2500. He said it was missing something, and went to the Dodge dealer to see if they had any of these Ram's heads in stock. Sure enough, new, in box, they never even changed the 1979 price tag of 4.59 for him. Read more

I've always figured it was some kind of land-speed car that the crew of Mad Max found and put in the back-ground because it "was cool". I know that they have some massive dry lakes in South Australia that are raced on. Read more

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Required YouTube Tribute to car that negates all other posts in this thread

Heh, that brings back memories. My father was RCMP plain-clothes in the 90's, and drove a series of unmarked Crown Vics after his cherished Caprice was taken. First I got into the first one and the police interceptor stickers got peeled off and attached to my K-car Coupe. Then my brother did the same when he came of Read more

Ah, the memories. I bought a '91 Laser RS after I wrecked my first car (it was a K-car). Learnt alot on it. Learned how to slalom, discovered what understeer was, discovered that going faster on rough dirt roads in a rally makes it smoother. Read more

Man, I love the cars of Virgil Exner. You just know that sometime in the late 50's Chrysler told him "Big vertical fins are on the way out. We need something new" Read more