May 13 2014

Hey — shaving dude. I totally endorse the Dollar Shave Club. Yeah, they have lame commercials, but their blades are really inexpensive yet of surprisingly decent quality. I have four blades delivered every two months and it costs like four or five dollars with shipping. They also have more expensive blades if you want Read more

Feb 3 2014

Malcolm Smith, I'mma let you finish, but Al Qaeda had the best destruction of an over hyped Mile High fixture of the past 15 years!

Dec 17 2013

Why would anyone even want to live for 1000 years? I'm bored as shit already and I'm only 34.

Nov 20 2013

This is really a bummer. The World Cup shouldn't be used to divide people. It should be a showcase of each country's best. Sportsmen who devoted their lives in pursuit of a common goal. Grinding, toiling, scraping their way towards greatness. And even if that goal is not reached, their work is not in vain. Because Read more

Nov 19 2013

Is "sweatbreads" a typo or am I missing out on a totally awesome vice that I've never heard of?

Nov 6 2013

wow. lebatard used this exact clip on his show monday when he hypothesized this exact situation.

Oct 29 2013

Correction. How do you protect Upstate NY from Sandy-like Storms? Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, etc. Thanks!

Oct 16 2013

You need to find the Clip of Kurkjian on the Lebatard show a couple years ago. The Julio Franco story. A dude from Mexico called in and told Kurkjian about how he did a post game interview with a nude Julio, and saw the "biggest monster" he's ever seen.

Oct 8 2013

Part of the problem is that its hard to play any type of tackle football without risking severe injury. All it takes is one guy to roll over your leg or an inadvertent headshot to take you out. Read more

Oct 8 2013

This is yet another reason why the NFL needs to offer a developmental program that is independent of college football. Some super-talented players are understandable paranoid about injures impacting their professional value. Some players simply have no business taking (or pretending to be taking) classes at a Read more

Sep 20 2013

Am I the only one who thinks he hit him clearly in the chin, under the helmet?