Jul 15

anyone who wants function over form cares about steelies.  theyre easy to fix and cheap to replace and if youre going to be offroading scratching the shit outta your wheels and bashing them around no real person is going to want aluminum wheels.  let the kinda people who lease bmw 3 series so people can see them Read more

Feb 18 2020

If you think you can do a better job after waking up at 2am, driving for ten hours, attending classes, then coming home and settling down with a drink on your day off to watch a race only to find out that you’re going to be up late reporting on a horrific accident, I encourage you to take my place and try your hand.

Dec 20 2019

I’m looking at a couple of used cars, which a a new experience for me. I’ve only ever bought new, or from people I know, or a couple of classics (a different animal). When looking at a car either at a dealership or a private party, what’s the general procedure for inspections? Will most mechanics (places like Meineke Read more

Dec 17 2019

As a recent parent, experiencing all the parenting things - sleepless nights, a constant flow of money out of my accounts, pooping and peeing with reckless abandon, and and a constant base level of stress about his health and wellbeing.... I think you need to calm down just a touch.  No one is implying raising a cat Read more

Dec 17 2019

I hate the term “furbaby” or in this case “feline child” and that’s where I quit reading.

I say this now to all of you who would use such terms seriously.....

You sound like a 6yrold when you say it.

A cat is not a child and calling it one shows a level of ignorance that is jaw-droppingly insulting to parents.

Your cat Read more

Dec 16 2019

He was doing great, until he got his ass beat.” LOL

Dec 16 2019

yeah he won the majority of the fight until he got his jaw re-aligned. go cry some more.

Dec 16 2019

The fact that this asshole blamed everyone but himself for the loss & refused to give his opponent any credit is right on brand for anyone supporting Trump. I hope he gets a rematch and gets his ass beat again.