I own dead car brands only
11:10 AM

Yes, you can get cloth, it was the only thing I wanted. Thank you, I like the color, I didn’t think I would get it but the price was right and it looked nice. 

11:09 AM

Seats are very objective. I find the seats perfect for myself whereas you may find them uncomfortable. I will say this, the leather seats are MUCH more stiff and uncomfortable compared to cloth seats. This is why I refused to have leather seats. Read more

9:37 AM

Nice to see another TourX owner. I picked up a brand new 2018 in August with 0 miles. Put 19,000 on it so far. Basic as hell (cloth and moonroof/nav) which is what I wanted. Currently running winter's but will either replace the OEM wheels or put new rubber on oem wheels. The contisilents SUCK. 

5:18 PM

Even with the delay, I still recommend the TourX every day of the week. There isnt just anything that approaches it in terms of utility and value along with power

7:22 AM

That would be awesome if you could do that. If you prefer to correspond via email, it's my license plate with @gmail.com at the end. I'm planning on taking it to the dealership for body work so I can get OEM replacements. Opie has been a stellar car so far, love it. 

6:05 PM

I tried to extract it Tuesday night. Gave up and just videoed it with my phone then cut it down to two seconds then turned it into a gif today. 

5:49 PM

I personally prefer just above base because I don’t want all the driver aids or leather. I love my TourX which has just the moonroof and a banging stereo. I prefer the cloth because leather always scrunches up where your ass sits and looks unsightly.

5:35 AM

I absolutely love my TourX. It has the same space as my old 2015 Durango with exponentially better mileage and driving Dynamics. The brakes on the TourX is unlike anything I’ve experienced. You want to stop now, it will stop yesterday

9:51 AM

You should. I’ll probably pick up a set for my TourX. I drove four seasons with them with mileage each winter in the 10-15,000 miles range so over four winters, I drove 40-50,000 miles on them and they STILL looked fine. Read more

5:46 AM

I loved the Champiros, they were absolutely excellent and lasted so long! I was on my fourth season when Cleveland the Saab got totaled. I would absolutely buy Champiros again.