Mar 16 2015

Almost like he gave the guy a job, then took it back. Like some kind of....Giving TakeBacker

Mar 16 2015

Well that's a relief. Thought it was just me. Plus, for some reason, the smell - rubberiness of a tennis ball, smell of grass being cut as it was warm enough to go play outside at lunchtime with a soccer ball and use piles of the grass for goalposts etc. Read more

Mar 11 2015

OK, total tangent - so I took a look at Takashi Kurihara, and after seeing that he played for a team called "IBM Big Blue" in the Japanese X-League (formerly the Japanese American Football League, until 1997 when they changed the name to "X League", because 1997 was X-treme), I looked up other teams in the league.

Mar 10 2015

every week, when my wife comes home, I will read her the questions provided in the funbag. Read more

Mar 9 2015

Chip's gonna be pissed when he finds out Byron Maxwell isn't actually this guy.

Mar 6 2015

Decker, Harvin and now Marshall. The Jets haven't had that many mouths to feed since Antonio Cromartie was on the team.

Feb 27 2015

hey bear those cool trick shot videos are kinda old

Feb 26 2015

The fact that this has any stars at all is so deeply and profoundly concerning to me.

Feb 26 2015

Scott also questions the veracity of gravity, "If it were sooooo powerful, then how can my guys keep launching 22 footers?"