Oct 17 2017

The other reason is because you could be giving it to women without even knowing it. Think of other people! Read more

Oct 13 2017

Anecdotally I’ve always used mushrooms as a kind of reset button. I struggle with depression, not that severe, but still I’ve found in the months after a strong trip to see some real benefits. I find around 7 or 8 grams I experience that “ego death” moment. Leading up to it my whole body will fight it, I think that’s Read more

Oct 9 2017

Eh, the first trip was well enough intentioned. The genocide started the second time around. The Arawak were far too friendly. If they’d been like the Sentinelese that shit might have never happened. Read more

Sep 28 2017

The air on a plane is so recirculated that no seat may be safe if someone had a true “life-threatening” allergy. From the airline’s point of view, if they put her in, say, first class and flew and she had a reaction mid-flight and died, they’d be sued faster than you can blink.

She was already asking for an epi-pen Read more

Sep 28 2017

Home Depot has always allowed them. People with “emotional support/service animals” are becoming more common, and most of those dogs are truly awful.

Sep 28 2017

It doesn’t say specifically, but I think from reading accounts of the situation that it’s possible they did try to seat her further away from the dogs. The guy who shot the video said the flight crew tried to work with her and it is their policy to move seats if a passenger is allergic to pets. Read more

Sep 28 2017

Old man here. When did it become okay to bring dogs everywhere? I see them at the grocery store, Home Depot, etc. Service dogs are fine, but I don’t believe that emotional support dogs should even be a thing. That just sounds like a fancy synonym for pet. Not everyone wants to encounter dogs when they go shopping. Read more

Sep 20 2017

Yeah, but let’s be honest: that’s a fraction of the number of people on opioids. They hand out Vicodin like candy. Toothache? Have some oxy. America is abnormally opioid happy. Read more

Sep 16 2017

4 lines and 50gb between them is about 12.5gb each. Not much at all really.

Sep 16 2017

Wrong. I’m on the last day of my cycle and I’m at 30 gig. That’s all from youtube and podcasts while on my way to and from work. That’s not even counting the data I use on WiFi.

Sep 16 2017

That’s fake news. I never tether and routinely hit 20GB a month on Verizon

Sep 11 2017

It’s a feedback loop. They can call someone for mansplaining and if the man does ANYTHING other than politely accept the accusation, they are then further guilty of mansplaining. It’s a tactic to control the interaction. The example above is simply patronizing condescension and happens all the time to men/women by men Read more

Sep 11 2017

At least you were offered a sensical explanation of sorts. I have literally been told a few times that it’s literally any time a man explains something to a woman. And my incredulity at that explanation has usually made the whole situation worse. Ugh.

Sep 11 2017

That’s not the definition of mansplaining as explained to me by so many women I’ve discussed it with. What you define in the first paragraph is just run-of-the-mill condescending behavior. Frankly, I’ve seen as much of that from women in the workplace as from men. I was under the impression that “mansplaining” is when Read more