Yes.  I'm sure the Cannonball will die if nobody ever reported on it again.  Ever.
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Ding ding ding. This is bullshit posturing for clicks, and accomplishing the exact opposite of what they claim to care about.  Totally disingenuous article. Read more

Yeah, if he wants to be all “principled” about it.  Stop.  Talking. About It. Read more

Agreed. The chances of causing injuries/death is absolutely lower now than at any other time.  Read more

I agree. I think it’s always dumb, but the dumbness is slightly less now. The chances of a run killing someone in a direct way due to higher traffic seems much higher than the chance the somehow they divert resources that could have helped a coronavirus patient and so someone else dies that way. Read more

Sorry, not buying it. This was likely the safest time this could have been done. As you said, hardly anyone is on the road. I’m not buying the Alex Roy argument either, “They could have hit a truck carrying precious medical supplies”. Well, yeah but I’ll bet that’s statistically pretty low. I think most of the Read more

Street racing implies you are racing against other people on the road, which clearly they were not. Read more

“If literally one thing goes wrong—if the team needs to call for help or a tow truck, if they get stopped, if they crash—literally anything goes wrong here and these guys would be pulling resources from an otherwise already overloaded system, not to mention potentially increasing the risk of contracting coronavirus by Read more

I remember a time when I wanted to believe she could change the Republican party for the better. Those times are over.  Read more

The Es44 carries thousands of gallons of diesel fuel to tow literally thousand of tons for miles.   Read more

Diesel* Electric. That first part is key. Also, fixed routes make it very easy to have the needed fuel (Diesel) available along pre-planned stops. Read more

In a straight line, sure. On a twisty course? No chance. Read more

Big wings = Speed ? Not exactly a new discovery.

I guarantee he would have a bigger top speed with no wings. Read more

...and while I get that the lenses-on request was mostly during the recovery effort after the crash happened, that bizarre story from the reporters seems to speak to the organizers’ general attitude about bad incidents on the mountain. Point being, I wouldn’t expect any of the camerapeople there to shoot for PPIHC to Read more

& unfortunately every time I come back to Jalopnik, which I liked for so long, I'm reminded why I left it. I enjoy your work however. The sentimentality of some here is disturbing not just annoying. But is in the internet..... Read more

If they are the type do carve canyons at 125 mph, watching a video of someone crashing is extremely unlikely to stop them. Read more

It’s genuinely absurd in the year of our garbage 2019 that a track staff isn’t equipped to handle this. Formula D knew this car was coming, too, as they’ve no doubt been in the loop about the build and somehow someone still didn’t think to call in the same guys that would handle an electrical fire.
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Pardo’s personal Ford GT, you say?