Jul 31

His family doesn’t owe anyone other than Michael Schumacher anything. If they feel that keeping his status in the family is the right thing to do, more power to them.

Apr 11 2019

Usually I ignore comments like this, but you’re seriously complaining about a writer, who is the reporter on “Investigations & Technology” according to his byline, for doing his job and writing a story about an investigation at what is considered the most technological car company. Read more

Mar 23 2019

Nothing is ever good enough! Burn down North Bergen High School for equality!!! Roar!!!!!

Mar 19 2019

“Street racing is bad, don’t do it! By the way, here’s this cool dude that did 197 on public, unclosed roads.  He’s awesome!

Feb 28 2019

Depending on what the car was last prepped for, they might need varying levels of setup work beyond the obvious, but an old NASCAR chassis makes for a NASTY track day car.

Feb 6 2019

If the car is genuinely in good shape why not just list the miles and price it accordingly?

Jan 26 2019

Please stop defending him in any way shape or form. There are no mitigating circumstances with child molestation. He was a scumbag predator whose deeds rest solely on his own shoulders. Of course he had help-but no one was forcing him to destroy these boys’ lives. Read more