5:52 PM

I read several of the comments and, in addition to several benefits mentioned, there is an older SAE paper on this topic that also references the elimination of the small, but measurable heat loss through the spark plug anode (the side electrode). This is the same reason that the use of iridium plugs provides a small Read more

3:20 PM

Alonso’s driving skill not withstanding, the root-cause of all of this, per Zak Brown, is a lack of project management and contracting Carlin Racing, instead of Andretti Motorsports, as their “technical partner” (the actual team running the car) for the 2019 effort. It should come as no surprise that Carlin didn’t get Read more

5:42 PM

Mainly by adding structural reinforcement to improve impact test results. And this is the primary reason why someone would want to redesign the LX/LC, as significantly improvement in the "safety to weight ratio" is going to require a ground-up approach with contemporary modelling tools and materials.

5:29 PM

This is, as someone who was at Chrysler during LX development, the message that I’ve tried to share a number of times. Getting this detail correct doesn’t make the platform any different but I’m tired of the “it’s an old Mercedes”, because it isn’t.

6:23 PM

Can't post a link right now but search YouTube for "Aaron Yates flying kick" to see how the pros do it.

12:33 PM

The fact that we may still be years away from companies beyond GM and Ford finally catching up is a testament to how stubborn the industry is to technological change. Read more

9:43 AM

This is a prime example of a car that looks great on paper but isn’t as much fun to drive as the specs would suggest. And I don’t think that, despite what people are going to post, a manual transmission would help save this car in the US because one of the few good things about it is the sounds that it makes when Read more

5:09 AM

Did you actually read what wrote? Where did I even mention “warming up” the engine? Give me a hand here, because I think you need to direct this somewhere else...

4:29 PM

Obviously, before I can say this issue been “put to bed,” I’d need to see some data of engine wear versus different warmup strategies (idling for a short while versus idling for a long while versus gently driving away while cold). Read more

1:37 PM

Now if only F1TV would do the same thing. I subscribed last season and it truly sucked most of time. They gave a few credits to subscribers but not nearly enough to cover all of the outages. So kudos to ESPN...

11:59 AM

I have worked closely with these systems, specifically the embedded software and electronic hardware design aspects. As several other industry people have mentioned, and I would have to agree that the system worked as designed. Current systems, pretty much across the board, use multi-axis accelerometers to measure Read more

4:29 PM

That’s the entire problem - the Corvette’s precis has always been “affordable performance” and it isn’t trying to compete directly with Daimler, BMW and VAG in the interior space. GM’s E/E engineering organization is literally about one-tenth the size of Daimler’s and the majority of Corvette customers don’t want to Read more

3:55 PM

Then you’re likely the only contributor besides David Tracy that has that kind of experience and that begs the question of why you’re griping about this if you know what pretty pieces that don’t make the car faster will do to the price. It also doesn’t help us to know the context of your perspective when your short bio Read more

6:01 PM

Sure I do - I used to race RX-7s in SCCA Street classes but I also get a kick out of sheer power. The two are not mutually exclusive and, again, this “too much power” thing is a rationalization and insulting to fellow enthusiasts that get their kicks in a slightly different way.