Tron Legacy? What are you talking about? There is literally no better-looking, more imposing SUV on the road than the full-size Range Rover - especially not one with the pedigree and heritage the RR has.

Continental makes me sad. This was Lincoln’s last big chance to relevant but they completely blew it by playing so safe it looks like it was entirely focus-group designed.
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I see a few of these around my area. Every single one has a livery plate. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one that was for personal use. Read more

I particularly find the drooping back end a sad testament to the traditional buyers of these vehicles.... Read more

If you’re a dealer that still has a new one of these on the lot after all the supply issues this last year has had, you have had a real bitch of a time moving it and are probably heavily incentivizing potential buyers to take it off your hands. Literally any other vehicle would sell almost instantly, you want this Read more

In pictures this car is always gorgeous. In person it always looks like a 4/5 scale version of what it should have been.
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That massive, industrial-looking B pillar really ruins the effect of the suicide doors. Read more

So, my 4-year old Switch could have supported Bluetooth headphones this entire time? Were there any hackers or modders who figured out how to activate it? Read more

So back to fishing and f**king then. Read more

The biggest issue with Tesla’s “autopilot” system is the name. Tesla owners time and time again have been shown to not be paying attention to the system that specifically needs to be monitored. Moving away from radar/lidar based mapping systems to cameras only will greatly increase the numbers of crashes because Read more

Didn’t you just write https://kotaku.com/i-want-this-portable-playstation-2-1847440328 just this Friday? That also wouldn’t play 4k games on your TV, oh no! Read more

Valve has been pretty clear they’re targeting 800p/30fps for the machine, so the PC benchmarking weirdos should dial back their expectations if they think it can rival their desktop PC in performance, much less at 4K.
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Yes, you can. It has a “Fast suspend/resume” feature that should work just like on the Switch.
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They’ve been more clear and transparent with this than any other product of theirs. They said it can handle 30 FPS at 720p with some settings having to even go to low but still being able to maintain it. Read more

I read the headline and the article and yes, it acts like the physical size of the TV makes a difference in terms of how the Steam Deck will play. And that absolutely makes no sense. You could have a 32 inch 4K, or an 85 inch 4K, the Steam Deck would still push the same amount of power to it.

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Anyone who knows thing 1 about CPU/GPU/AGPUs knows what this thing is capable of. This article is not surprising news whatsoever.  Read more

What’s more limited that we’re finding out? That it doesn’t have a secret power boost it never claimed to have? That in the very first interview they clarify the battery life pretty clearly: 2-8 hours, depending. 4 hours on Portal 2, 5-6 with a 30fps cap? You can only play Breath of the Wild for like 3 hours on a Read more

They never over promised anything on docked performance. They've been really hesitant to even promote it as a thing. Read more

nobody buying this is going to be expecting maxed out graphics settings on modern games. but this device will be able to run the vast majority of the games on Steam at probably medium to high settings. PC games don’t need to be 4K 120FPS. games run just as well at 1080p 60FPS especially on a small screens like this or Read more