Panama Punk
Dec 2

He openly said for like the past two weeks that he knew he didnt have the record. Even like the last 3 hours of the stream, he mentioned some german guy who was doing like 20 hours a day. He never even mentions having the record in his tweets.

Dec 1

Please stop glorifying unhealthy attention whoring.

Oct 23 2019

HotS was one of my favorite games of all time. I played the crap out of it 2015-2017. I watched probably tens of thousands of hours of HGC games. I wish I could be excited with the remaining community over this but I haven’t played a Blizzard game since they acted the way they did at the end of HGC (telling players a Read more

Oct 23 2019

I’m not trying to be a jerk here but I didn’t know this game was still alive and kicking.

Oct 16 2019

I can’t get excited about Gigantamax because, like Mega Evolution, it’s likely to get left behind once this generation has gone. Read more

Oct 16 2019

I think it’s the first time that I actually see gameplay for the game and... It doesn’t make me want to buy the game at all? National dex died for this?

I’m being overdramatic there, but I can’t help to have a bit of bitterness towards this game considering the situation with pokemon sword and shield. We will never Read more

Oct 7 2019

This article was posted 3 minutes ago, which means Luo should receive his cease and desist from Nintendo and the Pokemon Company in a little under an hour.

Jul 24 2019

Had they just left out the ability to spend GTA$/Shark Card money on chips (as I wrongly predicted they would) they could have completely sidestepped this. Give members chips every day and pay missions in chips. That way, even if you could cash out into GTA$, you’d never risk real money.

Jul 24 2019

Here’s the thing...and I am going to be’s not my job to care about how you get’s just, no, I don’t carry cash for a reason and am not going to start carrying cash/change so I can tip in cash for a bill I’ve paid on credit card...I am so tired of this new idea that not only am I supposed Read more

Jun 26 2019

Safety aside, from an enjoyment perspective, I don’t know why you would bring a 2-year-old child to a baseball game, it can’t possibly be fun for anyone involved. And if you can afford the lower deck, you can afford a sitter. Read more

Jun 11 2019

You mean Miyasaki hired the one dude who questioned him, instead of just swallowing up his bullshit? I wonder if George Lucas or Hideo Kojima do that?

May 25 2019

As an addiction therapist, most addictions tend to be a symptom of other things (trauma, mental health, loneliness) as opposed to just being an addiction due to addiction’s sake. Most people don’t become alcoholics because they just really like to party and it gets out of hand but everything in their life outside of Read more

May 15 2019

The tutorial is shit but the game is really fantastic once you learn the systems. I took an hour or so and watched some YouTube vids breaking down the arcade game (which this is based on) and now I’ve logged over 50 hours into the game. It’s great if you give it a chance. 

May 15 2019

The difference being she’s getting paid while the passengers are paying for the experience of not getting to their destination on time.

May 9 2019

If all the lands had been marked identically, or all had been marked randomly, that might be plausible. But the marks were specific enough to identify which specific card was present. Three sets of marks, distinct, on only the three cards (each a playset of four) most critical to the deck’s function? That cannot Read more

May 4 2019

This was one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched and the single greatest feat was pulled off by my wife. We’re watching the 3rd overtime from a small town on the coast and we’re out of beer and the only store that sells it is a quarter mile away and closes at 11. At 10:50 with the blazers down 5 with 8 or so Read more

May 2 2019

“Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist for Cox Automotive, told AutoNews that he has a working hypothesis. Mainly, it costs more to buy a car these days, and it’s tough to borrow the money to do it. It’s pretty tough to sell to a market that doesn’t have the means to buy.” Read more

Apr 9 2019

Nice puff piece on why Blizz totally doesnt suck right now and has eeeeevvvvverything under control. Read more