Panama Punk
5:21 PM

I just stumbled upon Minecraft grieving videos on youtube. I'm not really sure how or why these people exist, because they must have some mental instability. Grieving on Minecraft, where it is not a part of the game like Dark Souls, is the equivalent to burning someones book collection, and saying, "they're just Read more

11:00 PM

I forgot my NAS at home when I went back to dorm after spring break. I feel like I left my child at an airport and won't be able to see him for a couple weeks. Almost 2TB of stuff on there and I find myself clicking on a dead link occasionally where my NAS folder would have been. Read more

10:55 PM

I want Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so bad, but don't have a WiiU, and am not sure if its worth it to buy it for the 3DS, since there is no online, unless you own a Wii U. Read more

6:50 PM

Deadspin posted an article on Anthony Robles, the one-legged wrestler. Its actually a great read, and for someone who wrestled in high school and greatly appreciates the sport. I highly recommend that anyone, that doesn't become homophobic when they think about wrestling or a sports-bashing douche, to read the article Read more

11:21 PM

I don't play Starcraft, LoL, or DOTA 2, and yet I have watched so many gameplay/match videos on them. Anyone else watch something so much they probably could actually play it?