Jan 11

Except that they aren’t banning Parler based on lawsuits. They are banning them because they specifically violated the terms of the hosting service. Which is a PRIVATE company. They don’t want to be associated with Parler because it will hurt their bottom line. Read more

Jan 7

They aren’t even participating in reality that has truths, they are republican trash scum.

Jan 7

Why shouldn’t a private company be able to enforce their own rules? The big orange dummy agreed to their TOS when he signed up for the service, he can damn well abide by them like the rest of us plebes have to. You have no right to free speech on someone else’s private platform.

Jan 7

I starred you because it seems you made this comment in good faith, and I’ll respond in good faith. The problem with this “punishment, not prevention” approach is... the lack of prevention. “Oh, you can keep inciting insurrection, we’re just gonna getcha when you do!” means he (and the ones that come after him) can Read more

Dec 28

FWIW, it’s starting to look like you are trying too hard to overlook some obvious shortcomings.  lol

Dec 21

The last thing I want from a fast food restaurant is “adventurous.” That sounds like guaranteed food poisoning.

Dec 13

If anything it means the opposite. If it doesn't matter how it looks then it should be designed simply to make it easy to set up and use correctly. And if it isn't supposed to be looked at then it shouldn't be designed in a way to pull focus. 

Dec 11

As a dev who had to slog through mandatory 12-hour crunch six days a week for several months straight working on the Call of Duty franchise, and getting pennies on the dollar in bonuses, I can tell you that your take is incredibly naive and uninformed. No amount of proud feelings can fix the damage that crunch does to Read more

Dec 11

Not really into politics and don’t understand what this has anything to do with politics. Not sure if you are trolling but ok, I’ll bite. If keeping your hands to yourself and not feeling up on a woman who is intoxicated means I’m a Biden supporter than I guess so bud.

Dec 10

It’s a misery simulator where no one grows or changes, and everything ends worse than it began.