3:42 PM

I know.. I’m feeling like I’m taking crazy pills when Torch actually seems to have the best answer on these.

6:53 AM

Non-Japanese fans of Japanese game: We are mad that a character from said Japanese game appears a slightly different shade of color in Japanese cartoon series based on same Japanese game! Read more

12:11 PM

I always associated tri-tip with being tough, dry, and only edible with copious amounts of steak sauce. When I got out of my parents’ house and started moving around through other parts of California, I met so many people who were enthusiastic about tri-tip, and it was like, “OK, weird, but you do your thing.” Read more

6:56 PM

Not sure of the ins and outs of that particular story, but trusting a company based in China to never spy on you or steal your IP is a mistake. Read more

2:44 PM

My problems begin within moments of B.J. waking up. First off, this is a man who has been in bed for five months. Following my aortic dissection in March of 2018, I woke up in a hospital bed in mid-April and could barely move my arms and fingers. It took a good month to restore a proper range of motion. B.J. hops to Read more

8:49 PM

I have never heard of anyone saying the US or Truman were heroic for using nuclear weapons. The discussion is always whether it was the right call balancing the number of lives on both sides that would have been lost if the Japanese home islands had to be invaded to end the war against the losses from the bombs, and Read more