Here’s my anecdote: I lived in a small town in Colorado until recently. Several years ago, something VERY newsworthy happened. I looked at the local paper’s website, nothing. I checked the regional papers, notta. Read more

You lost me at Super Mario Brothers. The list is, after all, BEST video game movies. Read more

Here’s my non-expert thoughts: Read more

They don’t hurt as much as you’d think, even at some pretty good speeds. Read more

I don’t see any info on their site, or a quick google search. When is it being released? will it be available on their site, or elsewhere? Read more

you fuck right off with that image! Read more

i’ve always said the future of graphics cards is in external graphic boxes. Soon, high end desktops will be 2-case systems, with a mid-tower just for graphics cards, cooling and their own power supply. Read more

This only solves San Francisco’s problem, but completely misses the altruistic and cost effective approach: Build the wall around Burning Man. Read more

Something’s fuckey here... Read more

The video. Dumbass runner decides it’s a good time to steal second, while the ball’s only 10 feet from the first baseman. He gets thrown out at second with ease. Read more

Obama? I can’t really see a way to blame him in this one, so I think he wins. Read more

dunno, man. look at that grip, and how she’s holding the skin... chick looks like she’s done this a few times before. Read more

I can see what he’s saying: If he constantly thinks he’s in the shadows of other players, then perhaps he’ll never excel enough to break out. It’s a mental edge thing, and I can appreciate it. Read more

My brain can’t stop repeating this story in my head. I think i’m broken. Read more

ha! good point: aren’t ALL tigers trained to run straight at you? ;) Read more

Mushroom clouds, always destroying stuff. Read more

I have relatives in Montreal, and i’m going to send them this line. They’ll crack up! Read more

i’m not familiar with that site, but I have read several articles from those who were in positions of power at the time, talking about the same damn thing. Read more