Yog-Sothoth is the Gate
Jul 26 2019

No. Stop participating in this shit. You are framing this as a fucking spectacle to be judged by entertainment value - which is what Trump is doing, which is what the MSM is doing. Not to mention y’all were reporting all day on how Republicans were being crazy, and we could all see they were wording questions crazily Read more

Oct 27 2018

The scariest thing about this is what Trump is suggesting. That we have armed guards at places of worship, schools, concerts, stores, everywhere. Think about what kind of life that would be - to see an armed guard everywhere you go. Because literally these shootings have occurred everywhere Americans go. Really? We’re Read more

Oct 27 2018

Here is what Trump should have said. It is a reworked version of what Bob Dole said in his campaign against President Clinton in 1996. It also shows how far the Republican party has fallen in the past decade: Read more

Oct 25 2018

You don’t understand the extremist right’s obsession with a rich Jewish man that has a modest public profile and liberal leanings?

Oct 15 2018

It sure is a scary time for Tucker Carlson! Big huge economy-sized assortment box of Thoughts and Prayers, you prissy little dogfucker.

Oct 15 2018

Hey Tucker, if you don’t want people to shout fuck you at you in restaurants, try not being a fuckface.

Oct 14 2018

Tucker selflessly volunteered to be a human sacrifice but did not meet the minimum requirements.

Sep 11 2018

Ugh, gators! HE WAS RIGHT THERE. All moist and pink and chompable and YOU DIDN’T TAKE EVEN A NIBBLE???? You have let down your PR man, Sterling Archer!