Sep 28 2019

Well, as far as I can tell, they always have tasted exactly like they do now. At least they did about 60 years ago. I didn’t like them ever, and I wonder what it is about them that makes most little kids gobble them up. 

Sep 27 2019

They’re awful. But pumpkin spice and multi grain are VERY flavorful. 

Sep 23 2019

Oh I’m so glad comics’ most prominent disabled superhero was wiped from continuity in order to be brought back as a... “ robotic menace in the vein of Marvel’s Ultron.”

Because “evil robot” is so much less of an explored space for comic books than the old Oracle, who doesn’t even have an easily-referenced identical Read more

Sep 14 2019

Don’t forget, acting as a toll gate for other corporations, taking a huge share of the revenue merely for delivering their content, without actually creating anything themselves. (IE: Apple News)

Sep 5 2019

Well shit, I kinda want the full version of that Call Me cover now.

Aug 21 2019

Was this article supposed to make me feel sad that dog racing got shut down? I feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs but keeping people employed is not a good reason to continue to allow shitty things. It no different than when we try to pass clean air laws and people scream about how coal miners will lose Read more

Aug 9 2019

Add to this fact that there is also no heat for the northern climates.  They CLAIM they have heat, but they really do not

Aug 7 2019

Every conservative knows that sex is only fun when the women don't participate. 

Aug 7 2019

“Her attempts to take a sensual moment into the realm of consensual made me realize it was a pyrrhic conquest at best.”

Jun 6 2019

THIS! I used to think sliced tomato was disgusting until I had it freshly sliced from a flavorful tomato. I could hardly believe how good it was! 

Jun 4 2019

by telling the guy arguing “we cannot improve healthcare for all americans, in a way every other first world country already has, because that might negatively impact my vast wealth” to fuck off, op

May 31 2019

They’re clearly not arguing that the original storyline necessarily has merit. More so that gender swapping Mar-Vell was, among other things, done so from a feminist perspective rather than any reasonable cause with merit. Read more

May 30 2019

In the US it isn’t called a data cap. It is called unlimited data. It’s essentially the same thing, however. The US carriers just like to use different words.

May 25 2019

It’s almost as if media content providers have forgotten that the drop in content piracy wasn’t due to fines and judgements but by making content convenient and affordable to access. Read more

May 24 2019

There’s an old joke that goes that we start our lives helpless and being spoon-fed mush and end out lives helpless and being spoon-fed mush. Read more