2:54 PM

I only found out recently that the character Switch was supposed to be played by a male actor in the real world, and a female actor in the Matrix, which would have been a really interesting extension of the ‘residual self-image’ idea. It’s a shame it was never explored more.

11:34 AM

True, but I think there are many people who espouse Nietzsche and only focus on the “will to power”, “god is dead” parts of his philosophy, while conveniently ignoring his attacks on bitterness, apathy, and anti-Semetism. Much like many Rick & Morty fans love the way Rick blows shit up and doesn’t give a fuck, but Read more

8:25 AM

You also need to factor in the intense, seething misogyny that goes along with the mindset. You see it in fandom all the time. Male characters who rape, kill, beat people up and commit crimes are often lionized while female characters who dare to have uppity attitudes or cheat on a man are hated to an obsessive Read more

2:53 AM

“Those years can be great and formative in a way that can foster analyzing information more closely, but only if you’re around friends/family who question you back so you learn to handle that curiosity maturely. I grew out of it (luckily).” Read more

7:08 PM

I think there is a certain personality type of fairly intelligent and perceptive person who goes through a phase in their life lasting maybe a decade, from about age 15 to age 25 or so, in which they realize that many people and many institutions of society are hypocritical and corrupt. But instead of continuing a Read more

6:26 PM

Maybe it’s because I’m a girl but I think Beth Smith (or is it Sanchez again?) is so fascinating in that she’s got all of her father’s worst qualities - the drinking, the lack of parental instincts, the irrational attachments - and the toxic, sexist part of the fanbase seems to recognize those as flaws in her, but not Read more

5:22 PM

One of the primary criticisms leveled against Rick And Morty fans is that they mistakenly valorize Rick as a sort of uber-nerd, a shit-talking asshole who’s too smart to abide by normal social rules. Rick is always right, and when he isn’t, he still comes out on top, probably with a catchphrase and an episode-ending Read more

6:00 PM

Correction: “twot” (American) means ladyparts. “twaat” (British) means stupid person. The meaning changes with the pronunciation. A twaat can have a twot. snerk. Read more

11:39 AM

You don’t really understand why a movie needs to fit into a certain time frame? Are you just being willfully ignorant and condescending? Read more

10:57 AM

Its not a sequel, its the second part of the book. You cant just make a movie out of half a book, have it be a huge success, and then dont make the other half.

6:56 PM

I think this is a case of being color blind without realizing how it can be interpreted. I would like to think that Andre would go for this vibe if Mike had been of a different race, since the idea has it’s own inherent string of logic. But yeah, it is a little bit unforunate that the POC get landed with this concept. Read more

5:46 PM

I want him to be a junkie actually. A librarian junkie.

12:23 PM

haha, do you really think a female games journalist is gonna be excited about an anime that’s all about fetishizing female gamers? sorry to disappoint!

4:52 PM

The animation shortcomings really did not bother me at all, and I’m willing to give them quite a bit of leeway as I can’t even imagine how hellishly difficult figure skating would be to animate. That said, I’m certainly a person who would happily trade animation that is perfect in every frame for a good story and Read more

7:46 AM

That’s impressive as hell, what a killer body and badass cosplay, good for him.