Totally agree that hyenas are freaking awesome— but your teacher's "male" cat was probably a female pseudohermaphrodite: Read more

If the idea is to really get specific, couldn't "biological sex" be split into two or more categories? genotypic (what your chromosomes say), phenotypic (observed sex traits), and assigned (what the doctors/bureaucrats document)?

Congrats, Burt! Your weekend has been completely awesome!!! Thanks for bringing all the fun!

Jeez louise. Just 'cause them book learning folk are making us all go to the doctors' now don't mean we can be birthing all up in a book store. Read more

That would explain why I have peas up my nose right now.

This was so good!!!! I nearly snarfed my dinner at "witers"!!!!!

I'm assuming the lack of comments on this article is due to everyone being petrified by the thought of their mums moving in with them. . .EEEKKK!!!

Right?! At least they have tile so they won't have to be picking up all the shards from a carpet. {shudder}

Very good lesson. Over the past few years I've totally learned that if you hear something odd in your house, something you've never heard before, it is VERY important you should investigate immediately.

I have a similar song; mine goes: ARGGEEEEAAAGGG!! Stop biting me motherflucker beyeast!!!

Nope! Varies by temperature and local conditions.

Not only are they an affront to the hymen, may she save us from sin, but using tampons involves TOUCHING the lady bits. Clearly baby jesus weeps at the thought.

Awesome dad is awesome! Keep up the good work and cheers to your kid!

{and the audience throws tampons in support}

When I was a kid, my mom would happily recount tales of these machines. My grandma would try to one-up her by describing what fun it was to play with liquid mercury back when she was a lass playing at her father's office. I'm sorta surprised I don't have four arms.

Yup, the fermented stinky tofu is my #1, too. I love fermented foods and tofu— WHY OH WHY DOES THE COMBINATION CAUSE SUCH EVIL?

"acquired taste", while cliche, does accurately describe a certain culinary experience— if you are an adventurous eater, you'll eventually come across something that is so outside your normal frame of reference that it may take a few tries before you can even say if it is delicious or not.