4:47 PM

I don’t see how this is hypocritical, Apple is still not collecting and using data like Google, Facebook, or others. If they made any other search engine the default for an iphone the first question would be, how do I make Google my default search engine.

7:04 PM

Present law carries an $11,000 fine for each violation of the government’s Do Not Call list; you can see how effective that has been. Those senators are doing what politicians usually do, create the illusion that they’ve solved a difficult problem when in fact they’ve done nothing.

10:25 PM

Thats not protesting or any demonstration. That’s harrassment. There’s no equivalency to this other than harrassment. Their trying to scare him into silence and submission. Anyone who says anything to the contrary is mentally deficient or evil. Demonstrations and protests happen at public places not at someone’s Read more

4:24 PM

This “policy” is a crock. For the sixteen actual Nazis who manage to post from their jail cells or their garage meth lab who are “shut up” there are hundreds of thousands of people who throw the word “Nazi” around at anyone who doesn’t agree with them on so much as one issue. Unless those hyperbolic people are shut Read more

3:42 PM

Hopefully there will be a lot of liberals thrown off twitter now.  The worst people I see, that attack others who don’t believe the same way/things they do, are all liberals.

2:44 PM

the biggest offenders ive seen are the liberals... cant wait to see them all crying when they start getting banned.

4:27 PM

So here is how the comments, and all Apple product release feedback will go, and always goes. Read more

5:14 PM

It is a stupid joke for sure, but outrage culture is way more annoying.

10:54 AM

Kinda funny that Ford is mocking them when they started in a similar way. Constant changes to make cars easier to assemble and a focus on vertical integration.  I don’t get all the negativity on Tesla or why anyone would cheer for the most American car company in existence to fail. They are a very young company that Read more

3:49 PM

I am confused by an article that wants us to sympathize with a person that did something that resulted in a person’s death. I understand that being the day and age we are in everyone always gets a raw deal with the police or any sentence they serve at least that’s what a portion of society wants you to believe. Read more

4:19 PM

the young are largely just as politically inept and uneducated as the generations who already get to vote Read more

2:34 PM

It’s a shame so much of the reception of this game and whether it’s “good” seems to be down to whether it takes a stance on US politics as though that’s a thing all games must do now. Read more

11:51 AM

I would agree with you, if they were using Verizon data. But every carrier who offers these roaming plans say you must use the majority of your data on their network

8:21 PM

I don’t think the “unlimited” part is the issue—I think the issue is that the customers are using their phones in areas where Verizon does not have a network and relies on the network of another carrier (roaming). In those circumstances, Verizon is paying a per-KB charge to the other carrier for every KB transmitted Read more