Dec 21 2014

She should know enough about the culture she is blatantly appropriating to know that she shouldn't refer to herself as a "runaway slave master". Read more

Dec 20 2014

Nope, I still don't give a fuck. I don't agree with what they are doing, but I'm not wasting any of the very little agency I do have on Igloo Austrailia and screenshots from her sex tape. Read more

Dec 19 2014

Jesus, he can't even take a picture with the children he's helping through a foundation he founded without being criticized. These pictures are adorable, and he seems genuine. Read more

Sep 7 2014

It's disgusting on so many levels. I made the mistake of visiting the support page set up by his sister. It's full of comments that none of these women's allegations can be trusted because they're all drug addicts and prostitutes, with criminal backgrounds- not realizing that's exactly why he chose them as victims. Read more

Nov 12 2013

This. My accountant dad has drilled into me since I learned to count that "what you'll do with $10, you'll do with $10 mil". He use to trot out that phrase as an excuse not to raise my allowance :(

Oct 30 2013

I was a debutante in one of these fancy balls and it was a lot of fun. My folks went all out and got huge ball gown style wedding dress from Harrod's, the whole she-bang. It's basically a bunch of fancy parties leading up to one huge ball, and all the debs get to buy a bunch of fancy formal gowns and get sloshed off Read more