Jan 13

I’m still haunted by this one level that required a cat suit to get a coin with pixel perfect timed platforming.... never got the coin... Read more

Jan 4

You made the mistake of posting an honest critique instead of the what the comment section on these articles usually looks like; “<insert comic name> Wins this week!!1!”

Dec 28

I actually have an issue, I always end up buying games at launch, and subscribed to many services, like Humble Classic, so have a ton of games, and my “backlog” is actually daunting, whenever I open it up to choose something to play... I just get fatigued and end up playing something else that I’ve already played over Read more

Dec 1

I agree, Immortal doesn’t hold a candle to Genshin Impact graphics-wise (on PC or current Gen Consoles). Read more

Nov 3

that’s what I’m saying, games that implement a “filter” usually have a system where lots of loot pops on screen, all the arpgs you mentioned don’t except for Nioh

Jul 27

for all we know it coulda been a green skinned pilot with nice hair ...

May 13

I swear, the more I see stuff like this it makes me think I am playing a different shittier game ...

Feb 24

Right?! the fact you get better gear for perfect killing bosses used to piss off my Never-gitting-gud ass T_T