Jan 22 2020

Che is such an insecure little baby. Comedians love to play tough guys who tell it like it is but always lose it at the smallest amount of criticism.

Dec 16 2019

Well, if she stopped talking for the rest of the show, people might forget that she, John McCain’s daughter, is the daughter of John McCain.

Dec 11 2019

I was at the premiere screening at the Academy. Though Cher wasn’t there, oddly, Sonny was there with his new fourth wife Mary. Everyone in that room knew we’d just seen a masterpiece and director Norman Jewison got a standing ovation. It’s still one of my all-time favorite films.

Oct 1 2019

“I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist but I’ve spoken with Natalia and I believe her. If you’re asking me if I think she is 30, that’s ridiculous. Read more

Aug 16 2019

Remember when he supported banning Muslims from working in the meat-packing industry and he said, “I don’t want people doing my pork that won’t eat it. Read more

Aug 6 2019

I don’t particularly like Alyssa Milano, but to say she was “an early spokesperson and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness” is massively selling short what she did. Read more

May 17 2019

Who Made The Potato Salad”: Examining Familial Bonds in African American Households Through the Lens of Kitchen Based Hiearchies.

May 16 2019

Straight up: I went to the front door of my son’s bully’s house and read his fat ass and his cross-eyed cousin true facts plus threatened to press charges. Yes they were only eight BUT they broke skin on my child and that could. not. stand. Read more

May 3 2019

I have to say I was Team Sam with the husband coming home. The second the men walked in (“were you talking about sex? men??”), the joy was over. Lala cleared the plates (they weren’t even done!). Rachel True’s character started inviting the men to join them for dessert, etc. Totally killed the vibe. Read more

Apr 18 2019

Thats not constructive in any way. In fact fuck you for even typing that out.

Apr 15 2019

This right here. I grew up in a place where I really didn’t have to think about being black. There was racism but it wasn’t entrenched, institutional racism. The school you went to or how you spoke would do more to doom you or raise you up than your skin color. Which is not to say that’s great but those at least are Read more

Aug 8 2018

I met a woman FROM PHILLY who didn’t lock doors. Any doors. Car, home, nothing. Like, on principle. And she had young kids! I was like “I don’t understand you at all. I might rob you later.

Jun 27 2018

I’m a teacher, so I always like asking people without kids in school, “How do you know it’s a bad school? Have you talked to parents or kids that go there? Is there something about the building or staff that you’ve heard about...?” Read more

Jun 27 2018

Yeah its *always* the schools. Nobody would say “I want to move to an area that is mostly white,” but everyone says “I want to move to an area with good schools” (even when they dont have children)... We get it.