11:59 PM

I wonder if that’s what Michael Jackson used to experience and then he got addicted to this amazing sleep and couldn’t just deal with normal sleep anymore after awhile. If so, it killed him in the end so...

5:57 PM

When Jon Stewart mused on his last show of that year that when Y2K hit on New Years’ Day, we would all have to learn how to make butter. I can still hear the silly way he said it (“make bu-tah”) and recall how much we all feared at least one big bad would come to pass that day.  Read more

10:16 PM

This reminds me of the hit piece on Lauren Duca. While both she and Milano are imperfect messengers, in a world of online hate, at least they are mostly appealing to better angels. But Jezebel felt the need to take these two down a notch because they were getting too big for their britches? A “supposedly feminist websi Read more

6:30 PM

Late to the discussion but that is exactly what I thought about as well. It would quickly addict—not just those who are unhappy with their reality, but even just people who prefer the escapism. It could replace a vacation, like in Total Recall. Imagine what it could do for a quadriplegic. Similar to drugs, people from Read more

7:50 PM

I grew up an unhappy and lonely child living in a foreign country. The Garfield books my mom bought kept me company and made me laugh when I needed it. Also, we had two aging cats and for some reason my mother decided we needed a third, so she brought this little kitten home. It had wide eyes and zoomed around the Read more

8:04 AM

I’m still ambivalent about David. I can’t tell if he’s a creep or just sweetly and awkwardly smitten with her.

9:54 PM

It’s as though that person just imagines her on the couch eating buckets of ice cream worrying about her life while mentally destroying her ex in perpetuity. “Thank god I’m here to tell her what to do!”, they think.

6:01 PM

As a former Boston Public School teacher, I wish I could find the interview about that nurse. (I did try to...)

4:45 PM

Yeah, the “succumbed to a lot of pressure” part is gross. Like if only alcohol had been legal Capone wouldn’t have had to commit all that crime. He was a victim really.

10:08 PM

I’m still sad too sometimes. Especially since the world needs what Gawker provided now more than ever. Most of us GM refugees are on twitter these days. I’m @_nefertitties. I’m almost never on here these days and just stopped by when I saw a notification from something you “liked” of mine a few weeks ago. I miss Read more

4:57 PM

Bad neighborhoods or bad schools (vs. good neighborhoods/good schools)

11:32 AM

It’s weird to me that she’s not more understanding of her daughter’s dual loyalty and is preferring to continue to keep her out of her life even longer.

9:12 PM

I read that the wife in that couple will be a returning guest star, so should be interesting.

5:54 PM

But you forget that a lot of blue collar democrats from the 80's have since been converted to Republicans over the course of thirty years of Fox and RNC brainwashing. I do agree that Roseanne would’ve likely been a Bernie supporter though. Dan might’ve tried to ignore Trump’s “faults” because he always had that Read more

2:50 PM

In a way, he is already wearing a uniform. His dark suit and red tie shtick is so ubiquitous that they are essentially the equivalent at this point. And considering he’s more business conman than military conman, the suit fits. 

12:15 PM

Here’s the thing: I don’t think SJP is some sort of angel. Her public persona is nearly as annoying as Carrie Bradshaw. She just seems cloying and wholly inauthentic. However, the fact that Cynthia Nixon, who does come off as intelligent and thoughtful about the world around her based on her interviews and political Read more

8:59 PM

He’s detached because to him it’s old news. Think about any major event from very early in your life or friend’s/ family’s life. At the time, it was huge, but now it’s just relegated to fact.