Al Navarro
Sep 29

When they told me this on the phone, I soiled myself with absolute unbounded opulence, like decanting an entire garbage bag full of chili into my trousers.” Read more

Aug 14 2017

Hell yes it’s gross. I saw a post once about people who had sex on those things, so it’s not somewhere you want to be standing.

Aug 4 2017

Oh Jesus, he lives in my state, HELP ME LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 19 2016

I have the same gait when I have to poop.

Aug 10 2016

Yes. As someone else who also fenced for many years, I think she’s pretty off base here. Saber is the truly nuts one. The action is so fast, especially at the elite level, that a huge amount of the variance in outcomes is pure judgment calls by the judge, not what actually happens on the strip. Read more

Jul 26 2016

I feel very disconnected sometimes because I don’t know anyone first hand whose life has gotten worse during Obama’s presidency (barring personal problems.) I cannot and will not lay the scourge of violence, by police, against police or by acts of terrorism at his feet. Many of our threats are “homegrown” and the Read more

Jul 13 2016

Like Draymond, the Deadspin commentariat has never been known to shy away from the low-hanging fruit.

Jul 7 2016

The way the ball moves (with the channels on each ball being different) and the condition of the field and wind conditions, not to mention the distance, this is impressive.

Jun 21 2016

As much as I cannot stand the man, I will say that I have seen Trump in a church first hand. Sat next to him and Marla Maples years ago at Marble Collegiate (Dutch Reformed) in NYC. He offered me a Lifesaver off of her stockinged knee. True story.

Jun 21 2016

You say that, but has Hillary ever read one single word of Two Corinthians?

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May 18 2016

Does it honestly not bother you that Bernie supporters are sending death threats to a woman who, as far as I can tell, was just doing her job? I get wanting to have positive coverage of your preferred candidate, but any coverage of the event that leaves out the booing and death threats is still pretty slanted - it’s Read more

May 18 2016

Also, Clinton won the NV primary election. Nothing was being stolen from these people. Blame the Sanders ground game for not having its delegates be prepared and follow the rules. Read more

Jan 18 2016

“Right now 50% of all the lactic acid is held by the top 1% of runners. I want to stop the 4 min and 5 minute milers from controlling all the lactic acid in this country.” Read more

Nov 3 2015

What would really be refreshing to see would be a politician interviewed safely holding an carbine after running a tactical course. I get so tired of seeing everyone in their hunter orange with their over unders.

Aug 13 2015

If I weren’t married and in probably a wildly different geographic location and probably much too old and the fact that this is increasingly creepy sounding, I’d totally ask you out.

May 13 2015

Hot New Trend: Aging with the passage of time! (only for dudes though)