You’re right. Kobayashi is a dad. Read more

Church Of Our Savior, Florida, U.S.A Read more

They need something like Kinja, where the intelligent, well thought-out comments get pushed to the top and the dumb, trivial, meaningless comments get pushed to the bottom.

These review embargoes are getting out of hand. Read more

Feels good to participate in one of these again.

Biggest problem with Snyder's ending is that without the space squid (and the whole PLOT around it) the rest of the movie doesn't hold together. Read more

He always said he was going to escape from the city.

The problem with the whole "Japanese development process Vs. Western development process" is that neither side has a clear picture of the other. And there are two main reasons for that: Read more

I'm watching it now, and there is a lot of sex, but so far it isn't sexy.

Please - as if there was any contest. . . .