Oct 14 2013

I just posted about this elsewhere, but the same rules also don't apply to all dialects. It's completely possible that this song was either written in/by people using AAVE, or that Miley was trying to approximate that dialect. Read more

Oct 14 2013

Nah, just collective ignorance. They don't really teach us the grammars real good.

Oct 7 2013

That last bit was fantastic! It was like one twist after the next! M. Night Shamalamadingdong would be proud.

Oct 2 2013

Guys, listen to me very carefully. If I where in front of you, I would gently cradle that delecate head of yours and hold you close so that you can never loose eye contact with me and could read my lips in case any of these sounds I'm making go in one ear and out the other. Are you ready? Paying attention? okay, Read more

Oct 2 2013

Absolutely, and I feel like getting into arguments about who has it worse is absolutely pointless and just hurts progress on both sides. So many women get (rightfully) upset when their concerns over body image/femininity/etc are belittled and sneered at by men that it BOGGLES MY MIND that they would turn around and do Read more

Sep 30 2013

No, the greatest, most dangerous villain it has ever known is the current editorial staff.

Sep 27 2013

Not to sound creepy, but I wish you could play it as well. It'd certainly make my nights outside your window a little less boring.