bro one time this top gun fighter pilot got like super sick or some shit so he tossed me the keys to his F-14 and was like, go be a hero bro... Read more

Oblivious yuppies, don’t realize cops are behind them, don’t move right to let them pass, don’t have any fucking awareness to the drivers or cars around them, purchases a Q7 in a color called “FUCK YOU WERE GLUTEN FREE, VACCINATIONS ARE EVIL, OUR KIDS ARE NAMED BRYSONé, AND BRAYTONé - RED” Read more

he didn’t blow through a DWI checkpoint at that speed... the gov. pays Police departments $13/hr to have a DWI cop on patrol... the cop who caught him happened to be on DWI patrol and just happened to catch this person.... Read more

Hulk Hogan approves this message

you can finance a Lear Jet from Rent-A-Center?

Its pronounced “super nintendo chalmers”

that usually means 30-50% of the MSRP as a down payment to ensure you don’t borrow more than you’ll owe... this all depends on what the current used market value of the car is

this is VERY true, unfortunately alot of people say “fuck it” and will finance a 40k car for 72 or 84 months with $0 down financing everything including the taxes... Read more

yeah if you put a large downpayment, then GAP is pointless because your already past the break even point on your loan (meaning your car is worth more than what you owe) Read more

enraging a Canadian is physically impossible

your sorta right, by law lenders have to include GAP on a loan or lease in NYS... and the dealer can't mark it up, it amounts to about $5-$10 bucks a month... but if you total that car youll be glad you have it