A lecherous, abusive, rapist professor no longer has a job thanks to the ability of women to share their stories anonymously...I fail to see the problem here. This piece is one long “slippery slope” argument. Read more

Gross, can we NOT? Especially after what happened with Hugo Schwyzer, Jezebel shouldn't go around swooning over men who talk about feminism. Read more

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Honestly, I think one of the few good things about being raised a girl was being socialized to not take risks.

What's the big deal? People in their 70s can do plenty of things. Did you know they can feed themselves, too? I know AMAZING, RIGHT? Read more

Looks like a fuzzy booger lol.

Kinda like we now have the “freedom” to have jobs, but now we have three jobs: 1) paid employment 2) childcare (including taking care of your oldest child, which is your husband) 3) and housekeeping Read more

They didn’t give me any drugs for my IUD, either. I asked them about it and they flippantly told me to to “just take a Motrin before you get here.” I forgot to do that and they'd didnt even have any Motrin or anything at the doctor's office. This pain was excruciating - we deserve better. Read more

I love how everyone being like “what’s in this drink?” meant something different in the “old days” are acting like date rape is a new invention. Read more

You scrolled pretty far down this comments section to tell people not to believe women. Read more

Wow...a lot of people in these comments being dismissive of domestic violence... Read more

This is EXACTLY how college was for me in terms of my relationship with my mom...except it was way worse in terms of her neediness. It took until like, very recently for me to feel like I have a manageable relationship with my mom. Read more

AGREED! Women are held responsible for what their husbands do and that’s not fair. Read more

This makes my stomach turn... Read more

NAH, they should leave it...

OMFG, did anyone else see the word “cunt” initially? I got excited there... Read more