Aug 1 2017

Basically Valyria was surrounded by the “14 Fires” a ring of volcanoes where the Dragons were born actually. They also discovered within the Fires was gold and gems, mining the Fires allowed Valyria to become quite rich. It was also during this time that they mastered Dragon Riding and forging Valyrian Steel which I Read more

Aug 1 2017

I like the idea they were heathens and in their lust for gold and riches they burrowed down to the Seven Hells, found under the 14 Flames.

Aug 1 2017

I wonder if the Night King played a role. If you were iceborn and wanted to conquer the world, you’d have to destroy Valyria first and foremost. Not sure how he’d make his way that south (east) though. Read more

Aug 1 2017

I just want to give a shout out to the amazing geology on display for this year’s Dragonstone location shooting. The scenes on the beach surrounded by that amazing folded strata are just gorgeous.

Jul 27 2017

Or maybe they thought that, since people were fine with The Handmaid’s Tale despite a current political climate that is not favorable to women- which includes a Congress hellbent on destroying women’s health (either by defunding Planned Parenthood or excluding pregnancy care from the list of condition an insurer must Read more

Apr 21 2017

$175 million as of February this year. The travel industry refers to it as the “Trump slump”.

Apr 21 2017

Soon we shall be super safe cause no one will want to come here! Well except for all those bands of lone wolf white supremacists.

Feb 21 2017

And of Iwan Rheon was on Misfits, a show about a bunch of delinquents who got super powers and then used them for questionable purposes. In other words he’s had some experience.

Sep 28 2016

Some of those examples were a reeeeal stretch. Some were homages, yes, but most of them? Filler for the cinema class project the publisher was working on.

Sep 19 2016

When he said that line, I about did a backflip. And I felt his speech was quite sweet, holding up his trophy to honor all the other weird kids out there who people might not want to hang out with.
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Sep 12 2016

Yeah, some of it was sweeter than it could have been in retrospect. But that’s retrospect, and I don’t think it fails as satire for that. Even watching it for the first time years later, I was amazed by how sharp some of the barbs were. And I don’t think not going far enough was the reason it tanked at the box office: Read more

Sep 12 2016

I think it had a lot of great moments, but wasn’t as tight or as ruthless as it needed to be to succeed as a successful satire. For example: Du Jour. They took no prisoners with Du Jour and every moment they’re onscreen is sheer perfection.

Sep 12 2016

I was shocked at what a good movie this was. Ahead of its time, actually.

Sep 12 2016

There’d better at least be some goddamned ears at some point! That’s all I’m sayin’!