Dr Mrs The Monarch
2:55 AM

I have been following the RWA mess since just before Christmas. At some point there was an observation that the RWA staff/president seem to have forgotten that a significant proportion of romance writers are lawyers- ex lawyers, grads from law school, still lawyers etc and that threats of lawsuits and Read more

2:04 AM

well, you KNOW those wimmenz and their silly romance novels.... <insert several stupid sexual innuendos here>.... it’s not as tho women actually READ anything IMPORTANT like {anything written by a man, esp James Patterson or Tom Clancy, Very Important Novelists]

12:19 AM

I’ve been following the RWA mess since day 1 since I’m a fan of Courtney Milan and general, and IT IS SO BAD. I still can’t wrap my head around how many people in the RWA are doubling down. Like yes, totally makes sense to punish the woman who CALLED OUT RACISM to protect the racist white woman who had her precious Read more

8:40 PM

Yes, I don't often read their articles but they didn't seem to be idiots the other times I did. A child could have written a better account of this. 

7:14 PM

Totally agree with your review. For Yennifer, having a child was about having unconditional love and leaving a legacy. A legacy is a form of power, which is what she really wanted - she wanted to her bloodline to continue, and she wanted to love something of her own choosing. And just for the record, all mages and Read more

6:36 PM

Thank you, yes. For heavens sake. It was like Joan read another person’s criticism and based this post on that rather than watching the show herself. Read more

5:34 PM

I was more mad about the dead animals, mostly because I think you’ve got the storytelling purposes twisted. Read more

3:57 PM

In either case, I don’t think it changes my point, since it’s white men criticizing some thing a woman of color came up with since it falls outside of their traditional experience. I honestly don’t give two shits about Rupi Kaur or instapoetry, I just hate when people assume that anything that is popular or assessable Read more

2:36 PM

Basically agree, but think it’s more obtuse than complicated - like accessible stuff gets dismissed as simple because it’s accessible. I’m on a major Switched on Pop binge & it deconstructs the music theory behind pop songs and there’s just so much intentionality involved. (I have no opinion on Kaur specifically Read more

1:19 PM

I don’t like the way she phrased it but I agree with her overall point of people pissing on things and insisting that only obtuse, complicated things are “art” or worthy of notice or appreciation. But saying “classist” and tying it into actual economic class is ridiculous. Especially since everyone I know that likes Read more

4:11 PM

Look, this is why this shit is a big deal. YA novels aren’t some kind of frivolous bullshit that isn’t worth reading because they aren’t The Great American Novel. If you’re at a university to challenge yourself academically, the Common Read isn’t the only place you can do that, and telling everyone that you joined a Read more

1:53 PM

I grew up in a small historic town in New Jersey and have a couple ghost stories, but this is the one I’m going to share: In high school and college I worked at a restaurant that was originally an old inn from the 1700s. One Sunday afternoon, I picked up the phone at the hostess station and had a chilling conversation Read more

11:36 AM

Then you have zero familiarity with how people in that part of the world dress for important church events. There is absolutely nothing (and I reiterate, nothing) out of the normal in what she is wearing for a baptism in an important church. I know this from very personal experience in the region. If anything, she Read more

8:09 PM

Since distinctions do matter, Armenian Apostolic is neither Orthodox nor Catholic. It is its own thing, and has always been. There are similarities of course, much as Lutherans are similar to Episcopalians, but they are still definitively different churches.