Dr Mrs The Monarch
Feb 1

Meghan Markle has been downright abused by the press and, as far as I can tell, multiple family members. I *want* to be on her side. I support the break from the ugly fam, the move, her palace wedding she apparently didn’t like, and I think her marriage seems real and loving. Read more

Jan 4 2020

His actual products are generally high quality, and they’ve been organically gaining sales traction for a long time. I’m not a fan (I cannot handle his voice) but I acknowledge his brand is now a mid-level makeup staple, on par with most Sephora and Ulta products. And that’s before factoring in the advertising dollars Read more

Nov 14 2019

No, get your head out of your ass. Just because you can calmly denounce an argument your comment here reveals you know nothing about doesn’t mean you’re correct. 

Nov 1 2019

I liked following people outside, getting their license plate numbers, and then calling the cops on them for drunk driving. Haven’t been a server in a hot minute, but I sure hope those who are follow up your 2¢ message with one of their own! :) 

Oct 16 2019

I don’t think Lisa Frank is trying to ruin anyone per se, though Frank herself is a famously hideous asshole who has a well-documented legacy of abusing employees and vendors, so I take that into account. I don’t think wants this either. Read more

Oct 15 2019

Another wrinkle to this story is that Lisa Frank (the brand) has publicly shared Mucciolo’s work in the past on their social media. So there is zero doubt that at least some brand reps were/are aware of the similarities. Read more

Sep 4 2019

People can want to do more than one thing at a time. Supporting something less important in the overall scheme of things (traveling with pets) doesn’t equate to not supporting all the other random-but-important things you listed.

Sep 3 2019

Numerous people have explained to you now that traveling with animals—pet or service—is difficult because of a lack of institutional support. Behavior has nothing to do with it; there are very few options provided by airlines. Literally, owners of large animals (save the very wealthy) cannot safely travel with them Read more

Sep 3 2019

Yeah, the answer to that horror show was definitely NOT kicking off a paying first class human customer.

Sep 3 2019

Consider another story recently shared on Jezebel from The Root, about a black man having an allergic reaction to a support dog and that incident escalating until he was kicked off a plane. Buying a seat for an animal is far from a foolproof plan. Airlines routinely kick people off overbooked flights and rebook Read more

Aug 13 2019

Broadly true, but there are geographic areas where hiring is more challenging due to larger factors. My spouse does a lot of hiring, and he struggles to find good people despite offering decent take home and opportunities for advancement. Read more

Aug 8 2019

I mean, what do you consider a celebrity in the context of Youtube? Someone who is successful? Because I subscribe to a number of channels (am 36) and while I do have some trash taste I also think the difference between traditional media (film and television) and new media (youtube, etc.) has grown *really* thin. Read more

Aug 1 2019

That’s not how hormones work though. This is still a gross oversimplification, but to say you can always add them and it’s much harder to take away their affects is the gist. Puberty blockers prevent people from being stuck in bodies that amplify dysmorphia.

Jul 5 2019

I don’t think smoking is as often meant to add to a character as to add to the setting. Smoking is a big part of the setting during certain eras and among certain groups of people. Read more

Jul 3 2019

lol ok ... literally ALL suffering in precluded by “being born in the first place.” Do you think you sound wise, offering up that suffering requires existence? So does everything else ever, everywhere. God, deep thoughts with Jack fucking Handy.