Mrs. Lovette
Oct 6 2016

I agree. I have vaginismus and it sucks. And people can be super jerky the way they respond to these types of issues. Like you are just dumb and doing it all wrong.

Jun 27 2016

If anyone wants to make a donation to support independent abortion clinics (like Whole Women’s Health, and the indies I worked at and research with), every dollar counts! Make a donation to celebrate today’s decision and to help clinics that had to close re-open their doors! Read more

Jun 15 2016

I don’t believe he’s ever said anything negative about trans people, exactly, but did have a habit of using the word “tranny” some years ago. (I’m a huge fan of his. I think that because he’s an advice columnist and because of his particular style of writing, it’s incredibly easy to take his words out of context and Read more

Jun 15 2016

I just bought and read Lindy West’s new book. (It’s great, I encourage everyone to buy and read it.) She writes an entire chapter about what went down with Dan Savage and the fatphobic stuff, and explicitly says that he has evolved on this issue over the past decade. He’s also evolved on trans issues. Read more

Jun 15 2016

Off topic - but if you haven’t listened to this week’s Savage Love podcast please do. Dan Savage’s opening monologue was extremely touching and on point why the shootings in Orlando are so utterly devastating for the LGBT+ community. I cried. Dan Savage is a class act.

Jun 1 2016

Keep seeing this “The gorilla was being kind!” reaction.. Are people just not seeing the part where he grabbed the child by the foot and dragged him through the water repeatedly?

May 31 2016

Breast ultrasound should be thought of as a supplement, not a replacement, to screening mammography. Ultrasound is great in young patients with palpable masses or other diagnostic dilemmas, but the evidence for it to be a solo screening tool is not really there yet. For women with dense breasts, however, there is Read more

May 20 2016

Fellow exmo, fuck the church.

It was finally understanding the awful shit like this that girls go through and how much the church fuck’s up their sexuality and self-image that kinda finally pushed me over the edge.

May 20 2016

I was born and raised in it but resigned shortly after high school - in writing, no less, but this church is an impressive stalker as they’ve basically followed me around for the past 30 years no matter where I moved, asking for me by my maiden name. I consider myself lucky, though the scars being raised in such a Read more

May 20 2016

I’m not enough of a viewer to know what you mean re season 6, but JB Smoove seems to also be quite the omission. Read more