7/06/16 3:15PM

Sooner or later we’re gonna start seeing environmentalists with campaigns for universal warming and how we can prevent it.

7/05/16 4:52PM

Disagree completely. Do we really need more finicky shit on our cars to go wrong?

6/17/16 11:57AM

Holy wing loading, Batman! Call me simplistic, but I would have started with a 2-seat hi-po sailplane and gone from there. I’m sure there’s a good reason for the tiny wing, but it seems really inefficient to have all those engines strapped to it when efficiency is key (and most of those engines are dead weight during Read more

5/16/16 9:40AM

This is what happens when socialism turns into totalitarianism. Full blown Socialism does not work. History has proven it over and over again.

5/16/16 9:21AM

The problems are from socialism not oil prices.

4/29/16 11:42PM

My city is populated by the most small minded, colloquial, limp wristed, hive minds. Now I have to call my friends, cancel the Airbnb, whores, and put the champagne away.

4/15/16 3:00PM

So because they see Trump as someone that wants to build walls and block free expression...they want to build walls and block free expression. Got it!

4/15/16 10:15AM

This shouldn’t bother most Tesla owners as their eyes are usually directed at their phone and not the windshield.

4/14/16 6:37PM

Can we just start prefacing all A-10 stories with the same photo for the TL:DR crowd?

5/25/15 3:12PM

If you walk straight out that door and take a hard left, you’ll get back to Gawker.