Moxie Six
Feb 17 2015

I wonder if there is research going on studying ways to induce this by magnetic stimulation or the like, and financed by some gourmet food wholesaler or producer council somewhere.

Jan 28 2015

Well, clearly society collapsed in the late 80's and culture no longer progressed. The world was just stuck in a never ending 80's music video.

Jan 7 2015

I'm willing to bet that Coulson has every episode of that radio show on his iPod.

Dec 7 2014

Are you trying to give MARVEL more ideas for their product line?

Dec 4 2014

I will buy the sword only if it comes with the tiny barbarian queen pictured. I need a Nana Conan.

Nov 12 2014

And yet, the entirety of Breaking Bad, one of the greatest shows in recent memory, was all about the banality of evil. Walter White is not an ubermensch. He's not a supervillain. He's just a sad sack with cancer who caves under the pressures of his life and starts doing some really awful things, and they keep piling Read more