Apr 4 2016

Then you should take the Buzzfeed quiz “What’s Your Spirit Cheese?”

Apr 2 2016

I think it’s hilarious that you are sad for an 84 year old white man, because his legacy is being tarnished, when the whole point is that women don’t get a legacy at all, and are essentially dead to the world even while they are alive.

Apr 1 2016

I wouldnt bank on that line of thinking; men can have children in their 80's, but the sperm quality is poor and their offspring are prone to genetic birth defects.

Mar 28 2016

*two sub-blogs dedicated to being like old Oppo.

Mar 28 2016

In fairness, we actually have pretty much eliminated nudity from Oppo. And have banned more people than I can count for acting stupid. Read more

Mar 28 2016

There was that legendary debate among bodybuilders over how many days there are in a week.

Mar 17 2016

The fact that even these steps in the right direction are greeted with such unequivocal scorn makes me concerned that this current wave of outrage will ultimately do more harm than good. Zoos are both unacceptably inhumane and of incredible importance to the scientific communities, the at-risk animal populations they Read more

Feb 7 2016

You know I’m torn on this! As a woman and person of color it’s great for ME. I mean how nice will it be to just be handed a high paying writers gig without doing any work at all or having any talent, you know? I could call up a few late night shows and have a job tomorrow, no resume or writing samples required! Read more

Nov 23 2015

Easy. I want my body donated to science, probably for medical school anatomy class. I have PCOS and a pituitary adenoma (brain tumor), which I think would make great Easter eggs for the group that my body gets assigned to. A little present just for them.