Dec 11 2014

What's suspicious about bringing peanut butter home?! AM I BEING DETAINED?!

Dec 2 2014

Congratulations on your constructor's and driver's titles! Here is a car painted like a Lotus.

Dec 2 2014

Considering that gasoline/diesel may not be available anymore for consumers, and/or banned, maybe this would become the Model T of people of the 2100's, and they will all be impressed by the size of the battery, as a 1200 pounds battery pack will sound as ridiculous a 27 liters engine today.

Oct 29 2014

I once went down to 6th for Halloween. It was my first actual date with a charmingly weird girl I'd met online. We both parked at the Teachers Union (pour one out for those good old days) and walked to Lovejoy's (pour out another). I had a pint of Guinness, poured by Marcel (super hardcore Moto GP and classic bike Read more

Oct 29 2014

If you're a regular reader, you probably know that I write two frequent series here on Jalopnik. In one, I document all the problems I have with my used Range Rover, which I bought two years ago from CarMax with a bizarrely comprehensive six-year warranty. In the other, I tell you what it's like to own a used Ferrari. Read more

Oct 16 2014

Ferrari doesn't need drivers to win. They've had good drivers. They need this guy back...