Miles High
Aug 27 2015

Lair of the Shadow Broker was well worth the price of admission.

Aug 27 2015

Yeah, it did a lot to save Oblivion for me, which felt trapped in a generic fantasy world (When compared to Morrowind). Skyrim’s DLC felt lackluster, except maybe the house-building mechanics. Read more

Aug 20 2015

Inevitable death is not the issue, RNG is. At the end of the day this is a game, and games are designed to be fun. While there are a few people that would appreciate pure RNG based insta-death, the vast majority would not. It’s not a fun mechanic and it adds very little, if anything, to the game. There are other, Read more

Aug 13 2015

I find it interesting, but I don’t buy it. Archaeologists are able to complete their studies with the understanding that in many cases what they find are representative of the cultures they are studying. It becomes very difficult to actually complete research if what you find is an exception to the rule of that Read more

Aug 10 2015

Probably because they have those animation cells sitting about. I swear I’ve seen that same rooftop in 80 different anime.

Aug 7 2015

Someone was suggeting on another site that Dr Doom would be a perfect antagonist for Dr Strange, and I kind of agree. A scientist/dictator/sorcerer kind of requires a lot more exposition than just “He went to college with Reed Richards”, and Dr Strange seems like the sort that would be hanging out in Eastern Europe Read more

Aug 7 2015

I think if you’re going to have a successful adaptation of the FF, they either need to be supplementary characters in an X-men, Avengers, or Spider-man story or you really do need to follow the example of X-men: First Class, and make the movie a period piece set in the early 60’s and let it fully embrace its weird Read more

Aug 7 2015

He’s studied species turian, asari and batarian.

Aug 7 2015

My first ME2 playthrough (paragon), I saved everyone. Awesome. So my second playthrough (renegade), I wanted someone to die. But I loved Mordin, so it definitely wouldn’t be him. So I purposely gave someone I cared less about (I honestly forget who) a poorly-suited job, expecting them to die. But then Mordin died. I Read more

Aug 7 2015

Now that’s the very model of a scientist Salarian.

Aug 6 2015

NPR had a small spot this morning about the planning comittee who decided to bomb Hiroshima. It was interesting since they could have bombed the water just to show the power, but they ultimately took a utilitarian view and basically said, “if we kill a whole town of people, we can show the world how dangerous these Read more

Aug 6 2015

There was Uranium on board the German sub that surrendered to the U.S Navy in late May of 1945. It was on its way to Japan when Germany surrendered and the two Japanese officers onboard committed suicide.

Aug 4 2015

21 books in 27 days? Easy peasy. Who needs a job or social life?

Aug 4 2015

I still deeply love the fact that McKay’s sister is Hewlett’s sister, and that early in the series there was a throwaway line about McKay’s “brother,” that he asked to change to “sister” in case they ever used the character so they could use his sister to play his sister, and years later they did that. Nothing beats Read more

Aug 4 2015

When the Wraith drains him at the end of the series and he comes back - he hallucinated being Khal Drogo. His illness was the Wraith bringing him back. That’s my personal cannon.