You said exactly what WyattEarth said back to him. You just used more words to say his exact same point he had just made. Read more

Review “bombing” isn’t “feedback”. And it’s not true that it doesn’t matter how an opinion is presented. Opinions presented as, for instance, threats aren’t acceptable, right? So there’s one way, you can probably now think of others. It also doesn’t matter if review bombs “work”. Something being effective isn’t the Read more

No... This is NOT true. It is never correct to “bombard” or, as I read it, spam something with good or bad reviews. It’s misrepresentation and it inflates your opinion beyond its importance. Even if YOU think it REALLY deserves it, don’t do this. If you really like or really dislike something, just give it a single Read more

Don’t call anyone a “bitch”. That's really easy to do. Read more

What do you think transparent means? Read more

I can appreciate why they released the game. I actually play tested the game and had high hopes going in. I have played worse games, but there is little redeeming, to me, about DNF. Read more

In my opinion, and I think many others, expectation had nothing to do with it. DNF was an abysmal game. Read more

She never said anything to suggest they were. You did. Many times in many ways. Read more

Women and female characters aren't yours. Read more

Sorry. If you're not a developer, your opinion really doesn't matter here. Please, keep quiet. Read more

Sorry. If you're not a developer, your opinion really doesn't matter here. Please, keep quiet. Read more

Remind me of the last thing done successfully by any part of the government that didn't have political capital behind it? Read more

Can you show me some examples of these article titles that would have told me about Dorian and/or that he was gay? I don't recall seeing any. Read more

I went out of my way not to read anything that would reveal characters or plot details about this game, as I do with a lot of games. I read Kotaku and a couple of other gaming sites every single day, and I had never heard of Dorian when I played, nor did I have any idea which characters were of what orientation until Read more

I quite liked Prometheus and The Councilor. Didn't really care for American Gangster, though it wasn't bad. My favorite is Blade Runner and more recently, probably, the Kingdom of Heaven Directors Cut. Exodus doesn't look so good to me. Read more

My initial reaction was the same, but both the author and a few commentors have educated me that this is an important institution in Ferguson's community. However, I love the article you linked to from top to bottom and appreciate you posting it. I suggest everyone take a few minutes to read it. Read more

Who do you think is typing those comments on youtube? But not just youtube, as others have pointed out repeatedly, but 4chan, reddit, twitter, Facebook, instagram. Those are real people behind each one of those comments. Read more

Searching a hashtag does nothing to raise its profile. But we NEED writers putting out articles looking at our county's remarkably racist attitudes and tendencies. Saying, "just look the other way and ignore the problem" will never do a thing to change the status quo. Don't you agree a problem must be addressed to be Read more

It's literally ONLY about having fun. Read more

No, man... Microsoft being "taken down a peg or two" is beside the point. It's their users who suffer. This doesn't somehow only affect the corporation and the "fanboys". It also affects the regular users who just want to play games, which is the vast majority of players. Why do you want all these people to not get Read more