Aug 2

“Actually, being around me is a privilege” sounds exactly like what any garden variety malignant narcissist would say. Sweet and wonderful to the world at large, and a devil at home and to anyone unlucky enough to fall into their orbit as a dependent (think children, spouses, & employees).

Jun 29

The more I see someone powerful and wealthy trying to be “relatable,” the more I think they’re desperate to cover something up. An accused sex offender in the family who is certainly going to be protected? Centuries of ill-gotten wealth and power? Thinly veiled primogeniture? A slimy cover up of the evils of Read more

Apr 7

They didn’t treat her like everyone in the RF though, anyone with two eyes can see that. They were 10 times worse to her, cruel and racist to a degree never seen before in royal coverage. And the fact that this was all going on while they were being pretty soft on Read more

Apr 7

Or she wanted to be near her mother who she loves and trusts.

Oct 22

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll be drinking some warm apple cider (with a little jack or crown apple) and sitting back and watching this.

Sep 3

I thought Greta Thunberg was the one telling regular people to use planes less, though - not these people.

Sep 3

No, the issue is the bullshit of acting like speaking about trying to ameliorate the effects of climate change without being perfect about it, is somehow hypocrisy, When most of us also want and encourage ourselves and others to save the environment, all without composting or recycling perfectly, and still buying Read more

Aug 14

“Ok, I’m pulling the corners of my mouth apart and showing my teeth like the instructions said. Is that a smile? Am I smiling?”

Jul 16 2019

She’s not going anywhere. Her plan is to be his widow. She isn’t unhappy with her life. She doesn’t disagree with his policies or his politics. Would she prefer her former life, reading magazines, doing Pilates, wintering in PB, and hanging out with her sister, sure. But she’s quite happy with her role as Flotus.

May 7 2018

It is. I used to go there before it became The Insult Show (walking home from a night at Neo’s). There was some mild barbs at first, but later the drunk college bros kept upping it till it finally included racially-inspired insults and words. Im sure this wasn’t all the time, mind you, but it happened enough times Read more