Jun 25 2015

They all are very fully aware of it. Because over there they won’t risk ridiculous lawsuit can they afford having it keep on going. Read more

May 11 2015

Obviously my GIF-skills isn’t good enough... Or writing for that matter.
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Mar 3 2015

This initially went in reply to someone else (thejustache) yesterday...scroll through all replies, but these are my picks. Read more

Jan 10 2015
The BAE Prix Was Zan-e

Today's Formula E race was the best one yet but you probably expected that with it being named the "bae" prix.

Dec 15 2014
Because Racecar

There are times when living in the "Racing Capitol of the World" has definite advantages; and a few weeks ago was

Nov 12 2014

Hate on Larsen Motorsports all you want, but the opportunities that they allowed me to have during my college career have been amazing and I can't thank them enough. I worked on a team (with other college students) that helped to design and build Eagle's Fury (pictured below). If it wasn't for them, I never would

Nov 12 2014

So cool to see something that I worked on at school appear on a website that I often read! The jet dragsters are a heck of a rush, especially when you get to stand between two of them launching off the starting line. Those afterburning J-85s only feet away are quite a punch in the chest!

Nov 10 2014

Exactly, which is why I feel so bad he never earned a title. At his peak he was a giant amongst men, in an era when there was a full on titan. Hell, he finished on the podium in all but one event in 2009 and lost the title by a single point simply because his hood latch broke during the final rally and the minute he Read more